Commissioning a piece of work can be an exciting and rewarding experience. It means that the work is tailored to your specific requirements. Involvement in the creative process is special and your own input into a unique piece gives it more meaning.

Commissioning process

  • Initial enquiry and discussion
  • Establishing a budget
  • Site visit (usually for large commissions)
  • Design proposal(s), discussion and possible amendment
  • Making the piece
  • Payment

Initial enquiry and discussion

You can visit the forge, telephone or email with your request so that we can discuss the options for realising your specific ideas, however big or small. An image of something similar or a rough sketch with dimensions can help. Images of the setting may also help. Depending on what you require, we can discuss what information I need to proceed.

Establishing a budget

It is important to have some idea of the budget that you have in mind for the work to be undertaken as this will influence the design process.

Site visit

For site specific items and architectural work, I may need to undertake a site visit to make an assessment and survey of the location. The location and context, along with your own ideas and preferences, will inform the design process. This ensures that the design will better fit your needs in terms of practicality and aesthetics. Options for installation may also be discussed.

I typically install my own work although in some cases the client or a contractor may undertake this work.

Design proposal(s), discussion and possible amendment

  • Using the information gleaned from our discussions, including the budget, a design proposal/s is worked up. For larger items or architectural work, this may include the production of a sample or samples to better indicate detail(s) or finish(es)
  • The proposal is then submitted to you, with an estimate or quotation together with an indication of the time needed for completion of the commission.
  • Following this, we can discuss any amendment/s that you may require.
  • Once approval is given, I am able to provide a date for completion of the work

Making the piece

Whilst the work is in progress, you will be most welcome to visit the forge and see how your commissioned design is made real using fire, hammer and anvil.


For smaller items, I may request a deposit, depending on the value of the commission. For larger items and architectural work, payment is typically as follows:

  • There will be a fee for site visits for locations further than ten miles from Bromyard.
  • For larger items and architectural work, there is a design fee depending on the nature of the commission. This fee is included within the quotation if the work goes ahead. Design fee payable if the work is declined. Henry Pomfret retains copyright to any designs produced.
  • One-third payment on agreement to commission work.
  • One-third payment, mid way to completion, or prior to finish(es) being applied. This point to be agreed with the client.
  • The balance on delivery, or on completion of installation if this is required