AWCB award


RHS Spring Garden Festival


“Whether working on traditional or contemporary designs, the hot forging of metal using fire, hammer and anvil is always at the core of my work. This can be a slow process but allows me to fully exploit the plastic nature of these wonderful materials”

Henry Pomfret,  Artist Blacksmith
Bringsty Forge, Bringsty

Do you want something unique and hand crafted?

Made specifically with your requirements in mind?

Created with quality as the guiding principle?


Henry Pomfret has been a blacksmith for 30 years, nine of which he spent teaching the art of blacksmithing from beginner to degree level. He works from Bringsty Forge in Herefordshire and is available to undertake commissions, individually designed to the requirements of the client in traditional or contemporary forms.

Examples include but are not limited to:

Gates, Railings, Window Grilles, Balustrades, Weather Vanes, Garden Furniture.

Of Period Metalwork and Replication of Historic Items.

I work mainly to commission, although I do produce lines for galleries, shows and for sale from the forge.

Lighting, Firebaskets & Tools, Door & Window Hardware, Furniture, Candelabra.

For Home, Garden or Public Spaces.

One-off non-standard tools for craftspeople and others.